An investigation by the UN’s nuclear watchdog has revealed that the Iranians are enriching uranium at an unprecedented rate; The Iranians have long been in violation of these terms, and have been more transparent about it since the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

An investigation by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirmed that the Iranian regime is increasing its enriched uranium at an unprecedented rate, now surpassing twelve times the limit set in the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or Iran Nuclear Deal. The IAEA is the United Nation’s nuclear watchdog, and they’ve conducted several investigations inside the Islamic Republic this year.

The originally agreed-upon terms in 2015 limited their enriched uranium production to 202.8 kilograms in non-compound form, equaling 447 pounds. The IAEA’s report as of early November showed that “Iran’s total enriched uranium stockpile… was 2442.9 kg.” This translates to 5,385.673 pounds. Furthermore, they’ve been enriching the uranium to a purity of as high as 4.5%. The terms of the JCPOA are 3.67%.

Adding to this less-than-ideal report, the IAEA discovered nuclear production facilities that the Iranians have kept concealed for an indefinite amount of time. In their report, the IAEA stated, “A full and prompt explanation from Iran regarding the presence of uranium particles of anthropogenic origin… at a location in Iran not declared to the Agency, is needed.”

While the original intent may have been to help the Islamic Republic with economic enhancements in exchange for them not acquiring a nuclear weapon, the JCPOA did nothing but further enable them.