A member of the Mediterranean-based terror group was killed in an Israeli airstrike on Monday, resulting in threats towards the Jewish State.

Following a series of Israeli airstrikes in Syria on Monday night, the Iranian-sponsored terror proxy Hezbollah is now issuing threats towards Israel because one of its members was killed outside of Damascus. The man’s name was Ali Kamel Mohsin, and his death, as they often are, is being treated as a martyr by those of the same worldview.

Members of the terror organization are convinced that Israel is now living in fear because of what has transpired. Furthermore, promises of revenge have been made on social media. Several Hezbollah members have been killed in Israeli strikes throughout the Middle East since the turn of the year.

The weaponry destroyed in Monday’s attack was of no small effect. Israel destroyed Iranian missile launchers, storehouses, and other various targets that were undoubtedly going to be used against them. With tension increasing between Israel and Iran, it’s likely that the Iranian regime will continue to transfer more weapons into the region, which will undoubtedly result in more military action between the two countries in Syria.