Security forces from the Islamic Republic reportedly deployed the use of tear gas and other forms of violence in response to protests concerning the drying up of a critical river; The US condemned the security’s response.

Following the drying up of the Zayadneh Rood River in Isfahan, Iran, thousands of Iranians showed up on Saturday to the area of the river to continue the protests that took place on Friday, which resulted in dozens of arrests – 67 to be exact. The protests against the regime’s water strategy were eventually met with a violent response from Iranian security forces, which has often been the case in the past.

According to reports, while the vast majority of protestors were peaceful in their actions, there were some who were not. At least one US official voiced significant concern over the violent response of the regime’s security forces. One report suggested that this weekend’s protest was the first of those that have taken place in November to turn violent.

Isfahan has been at the center of several recent protests due to the city’s challenges with drought.