The explosion at the oil refinery in southern Iran comes one day after the blast that occurred at a drone factory in Isfahan; It also occurred in sync with the timing of Israel’s announcement of a new Chief of Mossad.

For the second day in a row, the Islamic Republic faced another significant explosion at one of its factories. In this case, an oil refinery in southern Iran went ablaze. The Kangan Petro Refining Co. (KPRC) located along the Persian Gulf experienced the unprecedented fire just one day after a drone factory – under the guise of a chemical plant – went up in flames.

Unlike the explosion at the drone factory, no injuries are reported from Monday’s event. However, like Sunday’s event, the source of the explosion remains unknown, and both events have similar features to the chain of events that took place back in the summer of 2020, when numerous Iranian factories caught fire throughout the country, leading many to speculate sabotage.

Footage on social media revealed the mass amount of smoke being released into the air.

The explosion occurred within a short time of Israel’s announcement that Mossad Chief, Yossi Cohen, is to be replaced by David Barnea.