The strike carried out by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) overnight adds to the increase of recent strikes in the region amid Iranian entrenchment; According to reports, no injuries took place but structural damage did occur.

Adding to the uptick in recent Israeli strikes in the region, the IDF carried out another strike on Iranian-related military assets in Damascus, Syria, overnight on Wednesday. According to at least one initial report, the IDF launched a pair of surface-to-surface missiles just after midnight, one of which Syrian State media claimed to shoot down. However, this routine claim has often proven itself to be a cover for the damage that was inflicted.

Allegedly, no injuries took place in the attack. However, a warehouse was destroyed in a region known to house a number of Iranian-backed fighters.

For various reasons, almost always related to Iranian involvement in Syria, Israel has routinely targeted sites throughout the war-torn country. Tehran, in pursuit of its terror land bridge to the Mediterranean via Iraq and Syria, constantly moves weapons north of Israel’s border, resulting in Israeli attacks.

As is typical, Israel has not commented on Wednesday’s attack.