New satellite images reveal that ‘Imam Ali’ military base is likely to be operational in the near future; Imam Ali is an Iranian military base located inside of Syria; Images reveal that construction is moving at a fast pace despite recent airstrikes throughout the area that targeted Iranian-backed militia and supply.

New satellite images have been released, indicating that the ‘Imam Ali’ military base near Al-Bukamal, Syria, is being constructed at a significant pace despite multiple airstrikes in the area that were targeting Iranian-backed militia and Iranian supply. Israel is believed to be responsible for the attacks. Imam Ali is an Iranian sponsored military base. ImageSat International (ISI) believes that the base will soon be fully operational.

ISI further emphasized their belief that the base will soon be operational when stating that the base is, “probably at its final stages and will be announced as operational shortly.” Imam Ali is strategically located near the border crossing of Iraq & Syria and is used by Iran to transport personnel (Iranian-backed militia) and weapons into the region. Iran reportedly sees the construction of this base as critical amid the ‘setbacks’ they’re dealing with due to the multiple airstrikes in the region.