The Iranian government is reported to have shut down internet access and block cell service amid this new series of protests on Thursday; Reports indicate that protestors were met by security forces.

On Thursday, Iran was hit with a new series of protests which led to the government shutting down internet access and cell service throughout the country. These protests, like others, are in response to a corrupt government and gas prices that are out of control. Reports indicate that once again, protestors were met by security forces.

During the last wave of protests, the Iranian government shut down the internet. Doing this makes it near impossible for civilians to communicate to the world what exactly is going on. When this took place, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged Iranian citizens to send/text as many pictures as possible of what’s actually taking place on the streets. Shortly after Pompeo made this request, the US was hit with thousands of photos. This time around, the Iranian government has also shut down cellular service. Without question, they don’t want the world to see how they’re “handling” the protests.

One report stated that protesters could be heard chanting, “Death to Khamenei!” In the middle of December, Amnesty International estimated that just over 300 civilians have been killed since the protests began a couple of months ago. Sadly, it is likely that the actual number is significantly higher. Iranian security forces are also responsible for the death of hundreds of protestors throughout Iraq.