The facility, located outside of Tehran, has a history of involvement in the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program and allegedly produces parts for centrifuges used to enrich uranium.

A site located in Karaj, Iran, was the target of an attack on Wednesday, which the Islamic Republic claimed resulted in no damage. Karaj is approximately an hour west of Iran’s capital city, Tehran. The site of interest in the attack is allegedly used to produce components for centrifuges that Iran uses to enrich uranium for its nuclear program.

Interestingly enough, Iran has claimed on several occasions that the location involved in Wednesday’s attack is solely for civilian purposes. Yet, its media stated that the attack “left no casualties or damages and was unable to disrupt the Iranian nuclear program.”

The Karaj site is one of many that has received scrutiny in the past and has been involved in sanctions on the country.

While Iran claims that no damage was dealt at the facility, opposition media outlets report to the contrary. The method of the attack remains somewhat of a mystery. However, there are reports of small drones being involved. Tehran could not name specifically who was behind the strike on its facility, and the country has been dealing with many attacks on its nuclear sites over the last year.

In the aftermath of the attack, the Iranian Aviation Authority now requires all owners of drones and aircraft to be licensed, including information about their aircraft, with a deadline six months from now.