Reports indicate that these systems have been deployed to target Israeli aircraft seeking to enter the area; Satellite images appear to reveal the Iranian defense system known as the Khordad-3.

Recent images have surfaced that seem to reveal that Iranian air defense systems have been deployed along the border between Syria & Lebanon. According to one source in the Middle East, it’s believed that these systems are meant to deter Israeli aircraft from entering the area. The systems that have allegedly been deployed are called the Khordad-3.

Though not confirmed, it wouldn’t be surprising at all for this to be the case considering Israel has been extremely active in recent months when it comes to preventing Iranian entrenchment inside of Syria. If reports are accurate, this system has a destruction range of approximately 75 – 105 kilometers (45 – 65 miles).

As to how Syrian fighters were able to transport these systems to their designated areas, there are still questions to be answered. Regardless, what this does further emphasize is Iran’s intentions in the region.