Iran has issued a warning to the Jewish State should they continue to attack Iranian interests in the region after Iran delivered missile parts to Syria via a cargo plane from Tehran.

As the world’s number one sponsor of terror (Iran) resumed flights from Tehran to Damascus related to the moving of missile parts via a cargo plane, they put the Jewish State on notice, warning them that if Israel should attack any Iranian subjects in Syria or the rest of the region, they would be met with a devastating response. This warning comes after Israel carried out a significant strike last week shortly after a cargo plane from Iran delivered its contents. Israel was able to carry out the attack without entering Syrian airspace.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi stated, “The Islamic Republic of Iran will give a crushing response that will cause regret to any kind of aggression or stupid action from this regime against our country’s interests in Syria and the region.”

Last week, Israel struck several targets in and around the area of Damascus which resulted in several casualties and injuries as well as the destruction of Iranian military product. Additionally, Israel is frequently targeting Iranian-backed militia inside of Syria and there’s a reason for it. Iran has vowed time and time again to rid the world of the Jewish State. Their determination to entrench themselves in Syria and countries like Lebanon is their way of attacking Israel from a distance.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed time and time again not to allow Iranian entrenchment in the region. As with most attacks, Israel has not commented on what happened last week.