The Islamic Republic unveiled the Zulfiqar Basir missile this week, issuing another indirect threat towards the United States and its influence in the region; Iran is also claiming more unannounced missiles.

Despite the continuous suffering of the Iranian people due to a crumbling economy, COVID-19, and the oppressive Iranian regime, the ayatollahs are proceeding with their agenda of destabilization and fear. Military might has become the chief focus of the Islamic Republic; more obviously in recent months.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) released its new anti-ship ballistic missile called the Zulfiqar Basir missile, which Iran claims to be a “carrier killer.” The Zulfiqar is said to have been inspired by the Chinese DF-21D anti-ship missile, and it has a reported range of up to 700 kilometers (435 miles). If true, this means that Iran’s missile capabilities have improved significantly.

Undoubtedly, the Iranians are issuing indirect threats towards the United States in the process, as they’ve released several satellite images of US carriers in recent months, and have produced media that encourages the targeting of US military ships.