Rouhani warns of “mother of all wars” if Iran attacked; Iran flaunts the latest precision-guided missiles; Hatami: smart-bomb capable of hitting a target located farther than 50-kilometers.” 


Iran unveiled its latest three precision-guided missiles on Tuesday in Tehran boasting on its military capabilities amidst the growing crisis in the Persian Gulf. The advanced air-to-air missiles were domestically produced by Iran’s defense ministry and the Iran Electronics Industries. The Yasin, Balaban and latest Ghaem missiles have advanced sensors and drone capabilities and pose a threat to Israel’s security.

During a ceremony showcasing its military “power and dignity for the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Amir Hatami praised Iran’s advanced air-to-air missile advances, claiming according to Mehr news agency that the “Balaban bombs are equipped with dual-mode GPS/INS as well as folding wings to improve its precision. [The] Yasin is a smart bomb capable of hitting a target located farther than 50-kilometers.” Fars agency reported he claimed additionally that the missiles “shows that despite the viciousness and conspiracies of the Great Satan America and its mercenaries, the defense ministry will not hesitate for a moment to defend the Islamic Republic and to expand security.”

Meanwhile, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani claimed Iran is still willing to negotiate with the United States but did threaten a “mother of all wars” if Iran were to be attacked. Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas have all threatened retaliation on Israel if Iran were to be attacked.

In February of this year, Iran successfully tested its latest long-range cruise missile, the Hoveizeh. The missile is capable of reaching up to 1,350 kilometers and was tested during celebrations marking the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Hatami confirmed the missile test’s success at the time, boasting to the press, “The test of the Hoveizeh cruise missile was carried out successfully at a range of 1,200 kilometers and accurately hit the set target… It can be ready in the shortest possible time and flies at a very low altitude…”

Iran continues to develop and test its ballistic missile program despite the violation of international law and the nuclear agreement, mainly UN Security Council Resolution 2231 and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (nuclear deal with world powers). Under the resolution, Iran is forbidden to produce, create or launch ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Iran has openly continued to violate the nuclear deal and most recently threatened to leave the deal in entirety if a solution is not found to President Trump’s crippling sanctions.