As tensions mount in the Middle East, Moscow is in the process of providing the Islamic Republic with a new satellite system that will allow Iran to increase its reconnaissance in the region significantly.

Moscow is reportedly in the process of a deal with Tehran that will result in the Islamic Republic receiving enhanced satellite technology for increased surveillance of the region. But, of course, the deal raises new concerns for the nation of Israel as Tehran will undoubtedly use the new equipment to monitor the activity of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Additionally, the obtainment of these products will also be of increased concern to the United States, which has been withstanding countless attacks in the region from Iranian-backed militia groups, primarily in Iraq.

The system is Russia’s Kanopus-V, which is equipped with an extremely high-resolution camera. A source stated that the new equipment would provide Iran with “continuous monitoring of facilities ranging from Persian Gulf oil refineries and Israeli military bases to Iraqi barracks that house U.S. troops.”

According to one US media source, the equipment is an extreme improvement from what the Republic currently has but still falls well short of US technology. However, this deal is surfacing when Iranian aggression is growing with nearly no accountability in the Middle East, which is a major red flag to any friend of the Jewish state.