The Islamic Republic communicated directly with Emirati leadership regarding the consequences of any US attack on Iranian interests; Iranian official: We will hold you responsible for the assassination of Fakhrizadeh.

In the aftermath of the death of Iranian lead nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, last week, the Iranians reportedly contacted the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to issue a threat should the US attack Iran. It’s reported that Emirati Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ) received a direct call warning of the consequences of any US attack on the Islamic Republic.

According to a report from the Middle East Eye, Iran told the crown prince, “We will hold you responsible for the assassination of Fakhrizadeh.”

Emirati leadership is said to have released a statement condemning the assassination of Fakhrizadeh following the call from Iran. The Emirati foreign ministry said, “The state of instability our region is currently going through, and the security challenges it faces, drive us all to work towards averting acts that could lead to escalation and eventually threaten the stability of the entire region.”

Shortly after the attack last week, Iran revealed that it was nearly undeniable that Israel is responsible for the assassination. Furthermore, Israel’s military went on high alert in anticipation of an Iranian response.