Western intelligence reports of recent shipment from Tehran to Beirut of advanced weapons and GPS systems for weapons to be used against Israel; Reports of increased IDF tank deployment on Syrian border.

Iran missiles

Iran recently shipped advanced missiles and GPS systems to Hezbollah to be used against Israel.

Reports from Western intelligence officials were released over the weekend of the recent shipment to Hezbollah. A cargo plane from Tehran containing advanced missiles and GPS systems for advanced missile accuracy arrived last Tuesday in Beirut.

Reports were first released by Fox News and later by Western and Israeli news sources.

There have been reports from Israel’s northern residents of increased IDF tanks on the border with Lebanon over the past weeks. Hezbollah has also built new watchtowers on Israel’s border over the past months.

Last month during his UN General Assembly speech in New York, Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed an additional secret Iranian nuclear facility as well as Iranian weapon production sites in Beirut. He stated at the time “I have a message for Hezbollah… Israel also knows what you’re doing. Israel knows where you are doing it and Israel will not let you get away with it… in Lebanon Iran is directing Hezbollah to build secret sites to convert inaccurate projectiles into precision guided missiles, missiles that can target deep inside Israel within an accuracy of ten meters.”

He added “Hezbollah is deliberately using the innocent people of Beirut as human shields. They have placed three of these missile conversion sites alongside Beirut’s international airport,” showing pictures of the sites in Beirut.

Moments after his speech, the IDF released satellite footage of 3 sites in Beirut being used by Iran for accurate, long-range missile production. The sites are located near an international airport and several civilian areas, including schools and a sports stadium. The IDF reported Iran’s “Missile Accuracy Project” was intentionally transferred to the “heart of the city of Beirut… jeopardizing the Lebanese civilian population”.



Photo: saeediex/Shutterstock.com