Iran seeks to build military infrastructure in Damascus; Russia stands in opposition to Tehran’s plan; Russia said to be in fear of a military response from Israel should they allow Iran to carry out this plan.

In announcing their desire to build up a military presence in Damascus, Syria, Iran is receiving adamant pushback from Russia. Iran has been seeking a land bridge from Tehran to all of their proxies on the Mediterranean coast for some time, and many Iranian-backed militias have entrenched themselves throughout Syria along the way.

The Syrian Civil War began in 2011 between the government militia of Bashar Al-Assad and the Syrian rebels. Iran and their proxies are backing the government of Al-Assad, who has a history of butchering civilians within his own country. This Syrian conflict has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, mostly civilians. The conflict has decimated the country-similar to what is going on in Yemen. Russia is also backing him and likely has a greater motive than just being a “good neighbor”.

As time has passed, Russia has become more and more entrenched in the region as well. Russia now fears that if Iran were to build their military presence inside of Syria, it will become a hotspot for Israeli airstrikes, and they’re correct. Israel has been consistent in preemptive strikes on Iran everywhere they go. Make no mistake, Moscow is also looking to obtain as much power as possible inside of Syria. It’s about control.

Why Does it Matter that Russia is Seeking to Control Syria?

A day is approaching when Russia, accompanied by Iran, Turkey, and other nations such as Sudan, will invade the holy land from the north. The LORD prophesied through Ezekiel the prophet that a day is coming when this coalition would not only form, but would invade Israel for economic spoil. That day is closer than ever. Many generations have lived to never see any of this come to pass, but we’re living in the days of Ezekiel right now, and everything is falling into place exactly how God said it would at such a rapid rate! With Russia gaining more and more ground in Syria and obtaining a stronger alliance with Iran and Turkey, all while their economies are collapsing, we can see what’s on the horizon.