The Iranian president has approved and encouraged anti-Israel Quds Day rallies despite severe COVID-19 circumstances; The Iranian parliament banned any Iranian cooperation with Israel on Monday, calling it an act against “god”.

Despite the ongoing pandemic and its serious effects on the Middle East, the Islamic Republic of Iran is moving forward with their International Quds Day rally, wherein they annually set aside a day (the last Friday of Ramadan) to declare their opposition to the state of Israel and the Zionist worldview (those who believe Israel has biblical and historical rights to the land), as well as their support for “Palestine.”

Iran, who is one of the top ten nations in the world when it comes to deaths from COVID-19, is prioritizing this anti-Israel rally in 218 different cities despite putting others at risk. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) will be responsible for carrying out these events.

Adding to their hostility, the Iranian parliament passed a new bill on Monday wherein they banned all partnerships with Israeli entities, citing any such cooperation as an “act against god.”

International Quds Day was implemented in 1979 by Imam Khomeini.