As tensions between the Islamic Republic and the USA continue to rise, the Iranians have released new radar systems in an attempt to flex military might.

As tension between Iran and the United States continues to grow in the Middle East, the Iranians have deployed new radar systems that they claim to be some of the best in the world.

Israeli Analyst Tal Inbar tweeted on Tuesday, “Iran has put Two More 3-dimensional detection Ghadir long-range radar into operation. With an approximate range of 1,100 km the radar can detect targets with low RCS. Number of systems as of today – 8.”

Radars aren’t the only item that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is seeking to build up. The IRGC has received several new projectile weaponry in recent weeks, including unmanned air vehicles (UAV), drones, and various combat helicopters. All of this is accompanied by the fact that as soon as the current arms embargo on Iran expires on October 18th, Iran will become a major military customer of Russia.