The Iranian regime is blaming the United States for the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country; Reported cases exceed 17,000 and reported deaths are well over 1,000; US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issues rebuke.

Despite China’s dishonesty and a host of evidence revealing that the notorious COVID-19 virus originated therein, Iran is taking this opportunity of crisis to blame the United States for the unprecedented issues they’re facing as a nation. The Iranian leadership is continuing to not only blame the United States for the spread of the virus but they’re also rejecting any offers of help from the US as well.

While the White House, specifically President Trump, has called this virus the “Chinese virus” (and rightfully so), Iranian leadership continues to target the US. Iranian Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani took to Twitter earlier in the week, claiming that the US is denying its responsibility as the origin of the virus. He said, “Instead of levelling false accusations against China and Iran, U.S. officials should respond to international demands regarding its role in creating and spreading the coronavirus and the continuation of its crimes against the Iranian people by keeping in place the economic sanctions.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rebuked the Iranian regime, stating, “Instead of focusing on the needs of the Iranian people and accepting genuine offers of support, senior Iranian officials lied about the Wuhan virus outbreak for weeks… The Iranian leadership is trying to avoid responsibility for their grossly incompetent and deadly governance. Sadly, the Iranian people have been suffering these kinds of lies for 41 years.”

A Chinese official also made a statement referencing their opinion that the US sanctions on Iran are only making things worse. However, the US has adamantly stated that the sanctions don’t hinder Iran’s supply source(s).

Pompeo concluded this back-and-forth dilemma by reminding people that the US has now offered to help Iran, only to be rejected further. He stated, “We made a commitment to do everything we can to provide them with all that America can deliver for Iran. I hope they’ll accept that offer… That alone will contribute to Iran being able to manage this problem set for the Iranian people. I hope they’ll take us up on these humanitarian efforts, not only us but countries all around the world who want to come help the Iranian people stay healthy and mitigate the risk that’s there.”