Iran ships new weaponry to proxies via cargo plane after Israel destroyed a significant amount of military resources earlier this week.

On Thursday, a 747-cargo plane made its way from Tehran, Iran, to Damascus, Syria, unquestionably transporting new weaponry to Iran’s proxies north of Israel. There is no doubt this is the case because the plane is affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which was deemed a terror organization by the United States in 2019.

Earlier this week, Israel carried out a very complex airstrike near Damascus that included F-16s and Apache helicopters. The latter were stationed over the Golan Heights located due south of Damascus. What was destroyed in the attack was of no small consequence for the Iranians (i.e. rocket launchers, two brand new air defense systems, etc.).

Clearly, Iran has no intention of slowing down its agenda of terror with an endgame of ridding the Jewish State from the face of the earth. Despite the serious onslaught of COVID-19 and crumbling economy they’re facing, business is as usual for the ayatollahs and their regime. And as Iranian efforts and entrenchment continue in Syria, we can expect more imminent Israeli responses.