Reports indicate Iranian involvement in a failed cyber-attack on Israeli water systems last month; The attack was detected before any effects could take place; The attack is reported to have been channeled through western servers in an attempt to guard their identity.

After a series of failed cyber-attacks at the end of April that targeted Israel, sources believe the attacks to be of Iranian origin. They are believed to have been targeting Israeli water systems but failed to achieve their goal as Israel acted decisively to deter the threat. With the attack being neutralized early on, no damage is reported to have been done.

Intel suggests that at least two water sources inside of Israel were of interest in the attack, which was carried out through the use of western servers, allowing the Iranians to hide their identity. The goal of the hack was to manipulate computer systems that control these respective water systems.

The allegations of this attack have been denied by the Iranian government, who has been blamed in the past for other attempted cyber-attacks.

The tension between the two countries is continuing to rise as Iran hasn’t slowed down their agenda despite the devastation they’re facing from COVID-19. In response, Israel has not only increased its strikes in Syria on Iranian targets but has taken the offensive in the Iranian conflict.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be meeting with Israeli leaders in Israel next week when the new government is sworn in. It is expected that Iran will be a major point of discussion during his visit.