United States impose new sanctions on Iran; After surpassing the 300kg limit of enriched uranium set by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran reveals plans to further their violation; Tehran deals ultimatum if Europe can’t salvage the nuclear deal; Rouhani: All limitations on our research and development will be lifted on Friday.

In their third violation of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive plan of Action (JCPOA), an empty deal created between Iran and world powers to prevent Iran from being a nuclear threat, Iran has now announced their intent to begin the research and development of centrifuges. This will allow them to expedite the process of enriching their uranium.  PM Netanyahu, in recent months, has released a storehouse of IDF intelligence, revealing that Iran has been violating the terms all along-and getting paid to do it!

Along with the previous sanctions on Iran, the White House has now increased their pressure, instituting new sanctions this week.  The sanctions are listed as what’s being categorized as, “oil for terror”, as the US claims that the movement of specific oil in the Middle East is in violation of previous sanctions and supports the murderous regime of Syria’s Bashar Al-Asaad.  US Special representative for Iran Brian Hook stated, “We did sanctions today. There will be more sanctions coming. We can’t make it any more clear that we are committed to this campaign of maximum pressure and we are not looking to grant any exceptions or waivers”.  As one would expect, Iranian FM Javad Zarif didn’t take this well, responding to the US Treasury in tweeting, ” The only way to mitigate US #EconomicTerrorism(sanctions) is to decide to finally free yourself from the hangman’s noose”.

Not surprisingly, Europe remains opposed to these newly added sanctions, as they are seeking a “diplomatic” way for this to be handled.  The problem is, when it comes to Iran, there is no “diplomatic” solution.  They play by a different set of rules.  Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has been visiting the UK-more specifically, PM Boris Johnson.  In their visit, Netanyahu warned, “This is not the time to hold talks with Iran. This is the time to increase the pressure on Iran,” he said. “We have the challenge of Iran’s aggression and terrorism…their attempts to carry out murderous attacks in the State of Israel, attempts which have not ceased”.

Iran has now given an ultimatum to Europe, stating that they are willing to come back to the terms of the JCPOA if Europe can work out a solution and slow down these sanctions from the US.

A country that truly has something to prove and wants a better relationship with the world doesn’t escalate their nuclear arsenal and use it as a threat to get their way.  Iran may be manipulating Europe, but they’re not fooling Israel or the United States.