Though denying any intention of producing an atomic bomb, the Islamic Republic revealed on Monday that it has “the technical ability” to do so.

As Iranian aggression remains front and center in the Middle East, the Islamic Republic unveiled on Monday that it has reached the capability to produce an atomic bomb – something the international community has speculated for months.

The news surfaced following a report from early last week that Iran has opted to turn off its cameras at nuclear sites until the 2015 Joint Comprehensive plan of Action (JCPOA) is restored. The JCPOA, or Iran nuclear deal, was instituted under the Obama administration. However, the Trump administration formally withdrew from the agreement in 2018 after citing multiple Iranian violations.

Despite having the capabilities to produce a bomb, the Republic claims it has no agenda to follow through with it. Head of the Iranian atomic energy organization, Mohammad Eslami, stated, “…Iran has the technical ability to build an atomic bomb, but such a program is not on the agenda.”

Though Tehran claims its nuclear program is solely for research purposes, its growing aggression, lack of disclosure, and deceptive approach to its nuclear program for years tells a different story.