The Islamic Republic of Iran has passed a law that officially bans any use of Israeli technology; An Iranian official referred to any technical cooperation with Israel as ‘equal to enmity towards God and corruption on earth.”

The Iranian parliament passed a new law banning the purchase or usage of any Israeli technology. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has implemented the new law as of Tuesday. Reports indicate that the chief goal was to cut any and all cooperation with the Jewish State. They also cited security concerns.

National Security and Foreign Policy Commissioner for the Iranian parliament, Seyed Hossein Naqavi Hosseini, followed up on the new law, stating, “any cooperation or spying for the Zionist regime is equal to enmity towards God and corruption on earth.”

Following on the heels of International Quds Day (Friday), the new law seeks to confront Israel’s supposed “warmongering and terrorist moves, siege (of Gaza), settlement construction, displacing the Palestinian people, and occupation of countries’ lands, including Golan.” Interestingly enough, even international law disagrees with some of these claims.

He would add, “Based on the first article of the bill, all Iranian bodies are required to use the country’s regional and international capacities to confront the Zionist regime’s measures.”

The law also highlights Iran’s belief that Jerusalem is the capital of “Palestine”.