Aircraft from the Israeli military and other international branches participated in a military drill in the Jewish state; The drill was dubbed ‘Tri-Lightning’ and was conducted to prepare for several different combat scenarios.

Consisting of aircraft from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), United States Marine Corps (USMC), and England’s Royal Air Force (RAF), an international military drill known as ‘Tri-Lightning’ concluded in southern Israel early this week. This is one of many international military drills that Israel has been involved in with foreign allies. However, it specifically consisted of the elite F-35 fighter jets from each of the countries.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post, the purpose of the drill, according to the IDF, was to “strengthen strategic-regional cooperation as well as cooperation with the international F-35 community.”

Different combat scenarios were addressed throughout Tri-Lightning, such as fighter jet combat, surface-to-air threats, and combat inside enemy territory. Furthermore, Israeli F-35 jets paid a visit to one of the British aircraft carriers, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, in what is a unique occurrence.

Israeli Air Force (IAF) Commander Maj.-Gen Amikam Norkin stated, “Cooperation with foreign armies enables the Air Force to strengthen its capabilities and operational capability to deal with a wide range of threats. The Middle East is dynamic and always changing and requires us to practice and drill on a wide range of scenarios to protect the skies of the State of Israel.”

The IAF’s elite F-35 fighter jets (AKA the “Adir” or “mighty one”) have been involved in several drills in recent months. Though that be the case, each military has its own techniques for utilizing the F-35, and the opportunity to share such information is nothing short of significant.