One individual is reported to be in serious condition after the incident occurred on Tuesday evening; Greece has not responded to the allegations.

Tuesday evening, two Turkish fishermen and one Syrian fisherman were injured in a confrontation with a Greek naval ship. One of the fishermen is reported to be in serious condition. Initial reports claim that the Greek ship ‘attacked’ the vessel belonging to the Turkish nationals near Marmaris, Turkey.

Tension is on the rise between the two countries, mainly due to Turkey’s recent decision to send a research boat into Greek waters, causing Greece to put its military on high alert. Turkey entered the area with the motive of new oil interests.

Interestingly enough, the two countries are NATO allies (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), but they cannot come to terms regarding their territorial waters. More specifically, Turkey has no intention of slowing down its expansion. It seems to be that for Erdogan and his regime, the ends justify the means.

Greece immediately warned Turkey after its entrance into Greecian waters on Monday.