The southeast Asian country, which also has the largest Muslim population in the world, is believed to be on its way to normalizing its diplomatic ties with the Jewish State.

Indonesia, the nation with the world’s largest Muslim population, is believed to be one of the next countries to normalize its diplomatic ties with Israel. Indonesia has an estimated population of over 267 million, with nearly 225 million identifying as Muslim, mostly Sunni. Other major countries to normalize their ties with Israel in recent months include the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Sudan, and most recently, Morocco.

While there are reports that Indonesia has denied the rumors, it is also reported that a delegation from the country recently visited Tel Aviv in what is believed to be a precursor to what’s coming – another deal.

On the contrary, Indonesia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry’s Spokesman Teuku Faizasyah stated, “There are two things that I would like to say. First, the Foreign Affairs Ministry has never been in contact with Israel. Secondly, when it comes to running foreign policy, the Foreign Affairs Ministry is still consistent with Palestine in accordance with the mandate of the constitution.”

However, Arab nations have found a way to normalize their ties with Israel without completely discarding their commitment to the Palestinians. But it’s the hypocrisy and the stubbornness of the Palestinian regime that has forced the hand of the Arab World. Therefore, it’s not unimaginable for Indonesia to make a similar decision, especially in light of the fact that the two countries have partnered in several ways for years.