Several Hamas military entities were targeted in Israel’s retaliatory strike; Injuries are reported in addition to structural damage; The IDF’s response comes after rockets were fired into Israel earlier on Friday.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) responded with strikes on Hamas targets after the Iranian-backed terror proxy fired rockets into Israel on Friday. The Israeli response came later in the evening and targeted several entities, including Hamas weapon-production facilities, military posts, and at least one underground structure.

Iron Dome is reported to have intercepted at least a pair of rockets that were fired. One anxiety-related injury is reported. On the Gaza side, at least a few Palestinians are reported to have been injured.

Following the response, a spokesman from the IDF stated that “the IDF condemns any kind of terror attacks against Israel, and it is ready and prepared to act in determinations against attempts to harm Israeli citizens and against Israeli sovereignty.”

The spokesman also emphasized that Israel holds Hamas responsible for any attack(s) from Gaza.