Strikes were carried out Sunday morning outside Damascus; Syrian army claims air defense systems downed 9 missiles; Russia reportedly told Israel to stop strikes on Damascus International Airport; Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired at Golan Heights.


The Syrian army and Hezbollah reported Israeli airstrikes near Damascus on Sunday morning.

According to reports from Syria, air defense systems were activated during Israel Defense Forces (IDF) strikes in southern Syria on Sunday. The Syrian army claimed on Sunday afternoon that it intercepted 9 Israeli missiles and that the strikes were unsuccessful. According to a report from SANA, Syrian defense systems “successfully engaged an Israeli aerial attack targeting southern Syria and prevented it from achieving any of its objectives.”

The strikes were significant as they were carried out in daylight. Israel’s covert missions in Syria are almost always carried out overnight. As with the majority of Israel’s covert operations in the region, the IDF refused to comment on these reports.

On Sunday afternoon, an Iron Dome defense system intercepted a rocket fired from Syria at the Golan Heights. The IDF confirmed, “a rocket was fired at the northern Golan Heights and was intercepted by the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System.”

Israel Air Force strikes in Syria were last reported and later confirmed by Prime Minister Netanyahu last week. In a rare move, Netanyahu confirmed the airstrikes targeted Iranian and Hezbollah weapons depots and warehouses. The airstrikes were reported by Syrian media last Friday night and claimed the strikes targeted a supposed “Syrian Ministry Transport” near the Damascus International Airport. Netanyahu stated at the time, “The Israel Defense Forces has attacked hundreds of Iranian and Hezbollah targets… the air force attacked Iranian depots full of Iranian weapons in the Damascus International Airport…”

Reports over the weekend from Arab media claimed the Russian military requested that Israel desist in its airstrikes on the Damascus International Airport. There have been numerous strikes targeting weapons storage and shipments at the airport and its surrounding area. Russia intends to renovate the airport which has been subject to strikes and conflict from Syria’s ongoing civil war.

Israel has made clear that weapons shipments and any threats on Israel’s security are a red line, assuring that it will act to prevent any danger to Israeli citizens.



Photo: Stav krikst/