Be’er Sheva home hit by scud rocket; IDF retaliates with extensive strikes in the Gaza Strip; Netanyahu: if these attacks do not stop – we will stop them.

The IDF carried out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday after a rocket hit a civilian home in Be’er Sheva Tuesday.

The home was damaged extensively and slight injuries were reported from the family of 6 who were able to escape to shelter in time. The scud rocket that hit the home was filled with over 44 kilograms of explosives.

Schools in Be’er Sheva were closed on Wednesday following the rocket attacks, the IDF placing southern communities on high alert.

The IDF confirmed it hit over 20 Hamas targets in the Strip in response to rocket fire on Israel. It also confirmed it destroyed an additional cross-border tunnel. It released the statement “We destroyed another Hamas cross-border tunnel from Gaza- the 2nd one in 2 weeks. Hamas fires rockets above ground, digs tunnels underground, & carries out violent riots on ground targeting civilians. We struck 20+ Hamas targets in Gaza targeting terror.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu held a security assessment with the IDF Gaza Division alongside Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Deputy IDF Chief-of-Staff Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi. Following the meeting, Netanyahu addressed the public, stating “Israel views with utmost gravity the attacks against it on the fence, on the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip, on Be’er Sheva – everywhere… if these attacks do not stop – we will stop them… Israel will take very strong action.”

Reports surfaced Wednesday of an additional Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with Hamas. Egyptian and UN officials reportedly held meetings with Hamas and Islamic Jihad factions in the Strip on Wednesday morning.


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