The Israeli Air Force (IAF) struck multiple targets in the area of Damascus following the unveiling of improvised explosive devices (IED) at their Israel-Syria border; Several casualties reported.

Following the uncovering of IEDs at Israel’s northern border with Syria, the IAF carried out a series of strikes on Iranian-sponsored targets near Damascus. The strike took place on Wednesday morning and is reported to have targeted approximately six different locations. Though the Syrian media is claiming only three casualties, it’s believed that as many as ten (and maybe more) Iranian and Syrian militias were killed. Additionally, there is structural damage.

This was purely a retaliatory strike by the IDF.

The IDF stated that “Israel Defense Forces warplanes attacked military targets belonging to the Iranian Quds Force and the Syrian military tonight in Syria. The attack damaged warehouses, command posts and military complexes, as well as batteries of surface-to-air missiles.”

Israeli officials have long-warned that they would not allow Iranian entrenchment in Syria. Much less will they respond passively to explosives being placed at their northern border, targeting Israeli soldiers.

The IDF also took to Twitter stating, “What Iran & Syria did: placed improvised explosive devices by the Alpha Line to hit Israeli troops. What we did: just struck Iranian Quds Force & Syrian Armed Forces targets in Syria. We stand prepared to operate against Iranian entrenchment in Syria.” They added, “Israel and Iran don’t share a border. In fact, Tehran is 1,000 miles from Jerusalem. So why did an Iranian-led Syrian squad plant this IED on the Israel-Syria border? Because Iran’s terror knows no border. Luckily, we’re here to stop them.”

The IDF was able to disarm the explosives that they found.