Strikes targeted Iranian and precision weapons storage; Syrian anti-aircraft missiles downed in central Israel; Senior Hezbollah members injured in strikes; Weapons shipment via Fars Air Qeshm’s Boeing 747 reported.


The Israel Air Force carried out airstrikes in Syria late Tuesday night.

The strikes targeted Iranian weapons depots and a warehouse outside of Damascus with reports the strikes also targeted senior members of Hezbollah en route to Iran. Weapons targeted included advanced GPS-guided ammunition and missiles.

Three Syrian army soldiers and several senior Hezbollah members were reported injured in the strikes.

Syrian missile defense systems were activated during the strikes targeting Israeli fighter jets, the Syrian army claiming it downed enemy missiles. A Syrian anti-aircraft missile was fired into Israeli territory, Israel’s Arrow defense system downing the missile in the center of Israel. The IDF confirmed “An IDF aerial defense system activated in response to an anti-aircraft missile launched from Syria.”

Some reports claim the IAF carried out “mock raids” above Lebanon.

Newsweek on Wednesday claimed the IDF was targeting senior Hezbollah members en route to Iran. Ahead of the strikes, a Fars Air Qeshm’s Boeing 747, used for weapons shipments in the past, arrived in Damascus just hours before the IDF strikes and returned to Tehran the same night.

The last reported airstrikes in Syria were at the end of November. The strikes were carried out on the al-Kiswah south of Damascus and reportedly hit Iranian militia positions, a weapons storage warehouse and a base. The IDF has carried out strikes on Iranian targets in the region in the past.

Prime Minister Netanyahu toured Israel’s border with Lebanon ahead of the weekend alongside his security cabinet on Friday. He stated on Operation Northern Shield “The IDF briefed us on its actions in neutralizing the tunnels,” reporting “This operation is mostly behind us.”



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