IDF confirms officer from elite unit killed in Gaza Sunday night; 17 rockets fired at Israel; Some schools in south of Israel closed Monday.


An IDF officer from an elite unit was killed during an exchange of fire in the Gaza Strip on Sunday night.

The officer’s identity has been kept classified and while the IDF has not given too many details on last night’s events, reports claim an IDF elite unit entered the Gaza Strip in Khan Younis. An exchange of fire broke out with Hamas militants and the soldier was killed and another soldier injured. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed the soldier’s death overnight, releasing the statement “During IDF special forces’ operational activity in Gaza, an exchange of fire broke out, during which an IDF officer was killed and an additional IDF officer was moderately injured.”

They added “The special operation yesterday was not intended to kill or abduct terrorists, but to strengthen Israeli security. The force waged a heroic and very complex battle and was able to exfiltrate in its entirety. We salute the bravery of Lt. Col. M. and his peers.”

The IDF carried out strikes on multiple sites in the Gaza Strip ahead of the raid. Six Palestinians were killed, including the deputy commander of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Nur Barakeh, and his aid. The IDF Spokesperson Unit confirmed Sunday “During IDF operational activity in the Gaza Strip an exchange of fire evolved.”
Following the IDF’s mission in Gaza, 17 rockets were fired at Israel, the Iron Dome intercepting 3 of the rockets. Some schools in the south of Israel were closed on Monday due to last night’s events. The IDF confirmed “The Israeli Railway line from Ashkelon to Sderot will be closed… school has been cancelled in the Israeli communities surrounding Gaza.”



Photo: Max Zalevski/