The IDF retaliated with several strikes in Gaza on Monday night after a rocket was fired into Israel; This was the first rocket fired from Gaza since May 6; Hamas’ interests were struck by the IDF.

For the first time since the beginning of May, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) responded to an attack from Gaza on Monday night. Earlier in the evening, a rocket was fired from Gaza into an open territory in the Eshkol Regional Center. No Israelis were harmed in this attack.

In response, the IDF targeted several Hamas interests using tanks, and they also carried out airstrikes on buildings that are used by the Iranian-backed terror group to facilitate underground military operations.

While the launching of explosive balloons via Gaza ceased last week, this rocket attack comes at a time when tension is on the rise in the region amid Israel’s annexation of Judea & Samaria (The West Bank).

One Hamas “official” stated his detest for the US’ support of the annexation and justified this recent attack saying, “The launching of activities and the continued confrontation against the annexation plan is an encouraging initiative for all of our people to join a broad national front to face the occupation and the schemes of the US administration.”