The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) utilized recent winter storms as a means to prepare for a future winter war with the Iranian-backed terror proxy to the north; Tchorz: The summer doesn’t influence tanks, but winter takes the drill to the next level.

The IDF took advantage of recent winter storms as opportunities to prepare for a future winter conflict with Hezbollah, the Iranian-funded terror proxy located in Lebanon. According to a recent report by The Jerusalem Post, throughout the recent storms that even left Jerusalem covered in snow, soldiers participated in combat simulations in both urban settings and rough terrain.

It was the IDF’s 74th Armored Battalion that initiated the exercise.

The IDF stressed that while it is easy to predict how military assets will respond in the summer, the winter presents a wide range of possibilities. Lt. – Col. Ofer Tchorz stated, “The summer doesn’t influence tanks, but winter takes the drill to the next level.” He went on to explain some of the difficulties that surfaced during the five-day exercise.

Tchorz added, “We are preparing for war with Hezbollah in all weather conditions.”

Israel has targeted Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon and Syria multiple times, as militias belonging to the group often work their way towards Israel’s northern border to carry out attacks. Periodically, militants from Lebanon will fire rockets into northern Israel, which is typically met with a military response from the IDF.

Hezbollah is one of many of Iran’s extended arms of terror in the Middle East.