Hezbollah was spotted by the IDF attempting to plant improvised explosive devices near Israel’s border with Syria, the Golan; Israel holds Syria responsible for the attempted attack(s).

Sunday night experienced another confrontation between the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the Iranian-sponsored terror regime, Hezbollah. Though Hezbollah often attacks Israel from the Lebanese side of the border, this circumstance took place at the border separating Israel and Syria – the Golan.

The IDF engaged four Hezbollah members in the evening while seeking to plant improvised explosive devices (IED) along the security fence that separates the two countries. They were quickly eliminated via the Israeli air force, which is revealed in a video tweet that was recently released by the IDF. In the tweet they state:

“This is the moment when four terrorists attempted to plant explosives near the security fence between #Israel and #Syria last night… …and the moment we stopped them. We will continue to defend Israel’s borders from all enemy threats.”

This event follows several military confrontations between Israel and Hezbollah in the last two weeks.

Many times, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned his northern enemies that he would hold the countries themselves responsible for any Hezbollah-related activity that comes out of them.