Militants from the Iranian-funded terror proxy launched more explosive balloons into Israel on Monday, resulting in a military response from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) overnight.

Gaza’s cities of Khan Younis, Gaza City, and Jabaliya were hit with airstrikes from the IDF overnight following Hamas’s attacks via explosive balloons earlier in the day. It is reported that nearly a dozen fires broke out in Israel after the Iranian-backed terror proxy’s balloons hit the ground.

According to at least one report, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) hit a weapons production facility in southcentral Gaza (Khan Younis), a terror tunnel in northern Gaza (Jabaliya), and a platform used for firing rockets in another city in northcentral Gaza. It is even reported that an additional terror tunnel was hit after gunfire from Gaza took place.

The IDF stated that the fact that more balloons were launched on Monday “proved once again that the terrorist organization Hamas continues to lead and degenerate Gaza into a terrorist state.” The IDF holds Hamas responsible for all attacks that come from Gaza.

Similar events have occurred over several months as the terror proxy has sent several incendiary balloons and kites into the Jewish State, sparking dozens of fires. Almost always, these attacks are met with a military response from the IDF.