For the second time in the last week, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is believed to have struck Iranian-backed military targets inside of Syria; Wednesday’s attack reportedly targeted intelligence-related sites belonging to Hezbollah.

According to at least two reports, the IDF initiated an attack on targets inside Syria early on Wednesday, which would ultimately result in varying degrees of structural damage. Syrian state media reported that surface-to-surface missiles that came from the Golan Heights hit targets in the proximity of al-Qunaitra, which is located very close to Israel’s border.

One Syrian state media outlet reported, “the Israeli enemy carried out an aggression with a number of surface-to-surface missiles.” Regarding the damage inflicted in the immediate area, the source added that the IDF targeted “some points in the vicinity of Qunaitra, which led to some material losses.”

Al-Qunaitra has been targeted in Israeli strikes before due to Iran’s terror proxy, Hezbollah, positioning itself in the area.

Overnight on Thursday, the IDF carried out additional strikes in Damascus, which would lead to Syrian air defense systems responding. However, several targets were successfully hit. According to at least two reports, three Syrian fighters were killed in the strikes.