After militants inside of Gaza launched another wave of arson balloons into Israel, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck a weapons depot overnight on Thursday; It has been two weeks since the previous incident.

Overnight on Thursday, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) targeted a Hamas weapons depot in Gaza. The strike came after militants launched more arson balloons into Israel, breaking a two-week period without a balloon incident. While a balloon may sound of little consequence, the fires caused by them were anything but, as Israel Fire and Rescue Services has had to deal with dozens of fires throughout the country’s southern region in the last several weeks.

In what is a blessing, the fires caused by Thursday’s balloon attack were minor, especially compared to those of the last number of weeks.

According to the IDF, the facility was being used to produce weapons for the Iranian terror proxy. They said, “The strike was carried out in response to the arson balloon attacks on Israeli territory. The IDF will respond with determination against all terror attempts from the Gaza Strip.”

The IDF hit a wide range of Hamas military sites throughout June in response to other attacks.