In what is being reported as the most violent exchange between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and Hamas since May, dozens of people are reported to have been injured following aggressive protests at the border.

After Hamas-backed protestors approached the Gaza-Israel border on Saturday, which resulted in violent protests between Israeli security forces and Hamas militants, the IDF struck several Hamas targets later in the evening. One Israeli soldier, 21-year-old Barel Schmueli, was critically wounded during a shooting that took place in the protests.

Initial reports stated that the IDF hit four different Hamas weapons storage facilities.

According to at least one report, nearly four dozen people were injured during the events at the border. There was no denial from Hamas concerning its responsibility for organizing the protest. Video footage on social media revealed young Palestinians throwing many rocks at Israelis. The IDF stated that “The Hamas terrorist organization continues to lead the Gaza Strip towards terror while exploiting the civilian population.”