Tunnel crossed Blue Line into Israel; IDF confirms it placed explosives in tunnel, warns Hezbollah; Netanyahu visits northern Israel, praises IDF and security; PM: We are neutralizing Hezbollah’s precision weaponry with impressive success.


The IDF exposed and destroyed a third Hezbollah tunnel on Tuesday as part of Operation Northern Shield.

The tunnel crossed the Blue Line and entered Israeli territory in violation of UN Resolution 1701. The IDF confirmed its “soldiers exposed another attack tunnel built by Hezbollah from Lebanon into Israel. It is the third tunnel exposed in a week. Hezbollah terrorists seek to kill innocent Israelis. We will stop them.”

The IDF reported that it placed explosives in the tunnel, warning Hezbollah terrorists to not enter the tunnel. It confirmed “IDF soldiers placed explosives in the Hezbollah attack tunnel exposed today from Lebanon into Israel. Hezbollah terrorists: enter at your own risk.”

Hezbollah began constructing the tunnels following the Second Lebanon War in 2006 in order to carry out surprise attacks and kidnappings in Israel alongside rocket attacks. The IDF launched Operation Northern Shield last week to expose and neutralize the tunnels.

Prime Minister Netanyahu travelled to northern Israel on Tuesday to meet with local council leaders and their communities, as well as IDF and security officials along the border. He warned Hezbollah that it would be “hit with unimaginable blows” if it attacked Israel or threatened its security.

Speaking to local council, he gave an update on the operation stating, “We are in the middle of an operation to neutralize the tunnel threat… We are neutralizing Hezbollah’s precision weaponry with impressive success,” in reference to IAF strikes. On the IDF’s mission to neutralize tunnels, he stated “Hezbollah would have no problem emerging from the ground, abducting people and taking them into a tunnel, or alternatively, going on killing and abduction sprees inside your communities. With the current operation we are denying them this.”

He praised the IDF and Security Cabinet for its “exceptional work… planning and the secrecy.”

Also on Tuesday, Hezbollah’s media stations began to publish videos and photos of IDF soldiers during its operation. The footage, which has been used to mock the IDF, claims to expose the IDF “plots” and locations of the operation.


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Photo: Northfoto/Shutterstock.com