The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) uncovered an extensive terror tunnel near the southern region of the Gaza Strip; Officials believe Hamas is responsible.

On Tuesday, the IDF located a ‘terror tunnel’ infiltrating Israel from the southern region of the Gaza Strip. The tunnel is reported to be lined with concrete and was located by a barrier system that is currently operating in the area. This Israeli barrier has sensors built into it underground, which are largely responsible for the find.

Israeli officials believe that the Iranian terror proxy, Hamas, is responsible for the tunnel, which the IDF is in the process of destroying. Thankfully, the tunnel is being destroyed before it becomes a threat to people in the area.

Following the discovery, the IDF stated, “The route of the tunnel was located as part of the ongoing efforts to find and neutralize tunnels and thanks to the technological and intelligence collection capabilities of the barrier.” The continued, “The IDF is determined to defend Israel’s sovereignty and the security of its citizens and will continue to act against terror — above and below ground — in every area where it may be required.”

The tunnel was located near the Gazan city of Khan Younis and was the first to be found by Israel’s barrier system.