With there being little to no confidence in the outcome of the nuclear talks in Vienna, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is continuing to prepare for a potential military conflict with Iran in the future.

The IDF is continuing to increase its military readiness amid growing Iranian aggression in the region, especially north of the Jewish State’s border. However, adding to the mix, is the nuclear discussion that resumed this week in Vienna, which is expected to fail in the end. In addition to Israel, other countries have been preparing for a potential military response should the talks fail, including the United States.

Any military response would certainly target Tehran’s nuclear program.

According to at least one source, a senior official for the Iranian Army, prior to the nuclear talks being resumed, stated, “The destruction of the occupation regime in Jerusalem is the greatest goal before us and the greatest goal we are striving for. We will not back down from this ideal by one millimeter, even if we are torn to pieces; If we say that the false Zionist regime must disappear and it will surely disappear, God willing, the Islamic world will celebrate this day.”

In addition to the IDF deploying advanced equipment in northern Israel in recent weeks, the military said that it plans to budget for a significant increase in military drills heading into 2022, largely involving reserve units. Furthermore, Israel’s recent and upcoming drills have and will include not only the US, but other countries in the Gulf region.