The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are reported to have shot down a drone that crossed Israel’s northern border on Thursday night; Israel remains prepared to confront any threat it faces amid growing tensions with Hezbollah.

Following Thursday night, it’s reported that the IDF took action in the direction of a drone that crossed Israel’s northern border. After first identifying and observing its path, they eventually shot it down. However, as of right now, they’re still attempting to locate it. At least one report indicates that it was downed in the region of Israel’s Mount Hermon.

The drone entered Israeli airspace upon violating the ‘Blue Line’ set by the United Nations in the year 2000. The Blue Line is essentially the boundary marking that separates Israel from Lebanon. Furthermore, it’s along this line that Israel has built its security wall to keep Israeli citizens safe from Hezbollah, the Iranian-sponsored terror regime that dictates the Lebanese government.

This infiltration from Israel’s enemy to the northwest is just one more step in the increasing escalation between the two entities. Due to the current circumstances with Hezbollah, Israel recently deployed military subjects related to intelligence, special militias, etc. to its northern border to prepare for a confrontation.

The amount of resources deployed is the most significant measures they’ve taken since the 2006 Lebanon War.