This attack follows a very eventful month of January regarding Israeli strikes inside of Syria; Targets are reported to have been hit in Damascus as well as the area of the Golan Heights.

As the seemingly weekly series of Israeli airstrikes in Syria continues, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) targeted Hezbollah militias in southern Syria on Wednesday, hitting targets in Damascus and near the Syrian side of the Golan Heights in the Quneitra province. As has been the case with Israeli attacks in the past, Iranian cargo planes connected to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) arrived in Damascus for a time before making their way back to Tehran prior to the strikes.

It is also reported that an additional plane left Tehran and arrived on Syria’s Mediterranean coastline Wednesday.

Surface-to-surface missiles and airstrikes were reported to have been involved in yesterday’s strike, both of which were claimed to have mostly been intercepted in Syrian airspace according to one Syrian military source. The strike is reported to have resulted in no casualties. However, structural damage was dealt.

Prior to Wednesday’s strike, the Iranian-sponsored terror group (Hezbollah) stated that it had shot down an Israeli drone via anti-aircraft missile, but the IDF refuted this claim stating that the drone completed its routine surveillance and returned unharmed.