IDF estimates 150 rockets fired at Israel overnight into Thursday morning; IAF strikes hit dozens of Hamas targets in Gaza Strip; Hamas: We are delivering on our promise; IDF: Hamas is responsible and bears the consequences for the ongoing events.



The IDF carried out several airstrikes in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for heavy rocket fire on Israel Wednesday into Thursday.

The IDF estimates that 150 rockets were fired at Israel since Wednesday evening. The Iron Dome intercepted 25 of the rockets fired. Several Israelis were treated for injuries from shrapnel and shock.

The Israel Air Force carried out airstrikes on dozens of Hamas targets, including a cement factory used to build tunnels, 10 Hamas military compounds, a maritime tunnel, a weapons storage and manufacturing facility and several more. The IDF Spokespersons Unit confirmed Thursday “IDF fighter jets targeted over 20 terror sites in military compounds and in a Hamas training camp. Among the sites targeted were a weapons manufacturing and storage facility, a complex used for the Hamas’ naval forces and a military compound used for rocket launching experiments.”

It added, “Additionally, five training camps were targeted as well as a main warehouse and a meeting point used by the senior commanders of the Khan Yunis Brigade.” The factory, located in a residential area, was used to manufacture “parts for terror tunnels under the guise of civilian infrastructure”.

The IDF warned Hamas, “We are determined to secure the safety of Israelis, is on high alert, & prepared for a variety of scenarios. Hamas is responsible and bears the consequences for the ongoing events.”

Early Thursday morning, the IDF attacked a rocket launching squad following additional rocket attacks Thursday morning.

Hamas threatened retaliation after an IDF strike killed two Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades militants Tuesday, leading to the current flare-up. The Hamas terrorists fired at IDF soldiers, the IDF returning with tank fire. Hamas warned following the attack, “Israel will not be able to sleep at night. Their attack will not pass without them paying a price.” It claimed it was carrying out a naval military exercise, the IDF releasing footage of the militants firing at Israeli soldiers. Amidst heavy rocket fire Wednesday, Hamas announced “We are delivering on our promise.”




Photo: Peter R Foster IDMA/