IDF airstrikes in Gaza Strip overnight

Rocket fired at Israel intercepted by Iron Dome; IAF airstrikes hit terror infrastructures in northern Gaza Strip; IDF: We hold the Hamas terror organization accountable for all acts of terror emanating from the Gaza Strip.


The IDF carried out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip overnight in response to a rocket fired and attempted terror attack on Israel.

The airstrikes by jets and helicopters targeted terrorist infrastructures in northern Gaza after a rocket was fired at Ashkelon overnight. The rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome and no damages reported. Prior to the rocket, Hamas terrorists attempted to send an explosive device on a model airplane carried by balloons.

The IDF Spokespersons Unit confirmed, “In response to the attempted [rocket] attack, IDF helicopters targeted two Hamas military posts in Gaza. Hamas will bear the consequences of its actions… We hold the Hamas terror organization accountable for all acts of terror emanating from the Gaza Strip.” On the balloon attack, it confirmed “explosive balloons were tied to a model airplane and flown from Gaza into Israel by Hamas, with the intention of killing innocent Israelis.”

Hamas and Islamic Jihad factions have taken to new efforts and strategies to terrorize and endanger Israeli civilians. The terrorists’ use of balloons to send explosives, as well as fire, over the border began close to a year ago. Thousands of acres of Israeli land have been destroyed due to arson balloons.

Last month, Netanyahu announced approval for a budget of 700 million NIS to support and strengthen Gaza-adjacent communities in 2019-2020. The plan includes the “establishment and transfer of factories to the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip and the development of industrial zones,” assistance in education, health and social welfare. The budget will later increase to assist in the areas of agriculture, tourism, transportation, public buildings, planning and much more.



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