IDF carried airstrikes hitting over 100 terror targets following barrage of rocket attacks from Islamic Jihad forces in Gaza; IDF confirms attacks ordered by Iran, Syria; Egyptian-brokered ceasefire announced.


The IDF carried out airstrikes on dozens of terror targets in the Gaza Strip after 34 rockets were fired by Islamic Jihad at Israel on Friday night.

The rocket fire was carried out by Islamic Jihad factions in the Strip and was directed by Iran and its Quds Forces. The IDF confirmed that “30+ rockets were launched from Gaza to Israel by Palestinian Islamic Jihad with Iran’s encouragement.” Over 10 of the rockets fired were intercepted by the Iron Dome, the IDF retaliating heavily following the barrage of rocket attacks.

The IDF confirmed it carried out strikes in the Gaza Strip on over 100 terror targets. It confirmed it hit a “Palestinian Islamic Jihad cement factory, which was used to build cross-border terror tunnels, was built right next to a school, putting the children of Gaza at risk,” as well as a “Islamic Jihad weapons manufacturing facility- they use their weapons to try to kill innocent Israeli civilians, we use our weapons to destroy their weapons.”

IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus confirmed the attacks were ordered directly from Iran and Syria, reporting “Orders and incentives were given from Damascus with a clear involvement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force.” He warned, “Over the night, we have passed those messages to the relevant parties, and I’d emphasize and say that our response is not limited geographically.” Amidst false media reporting on the events in the Gaza Strip, he reiterated, “We are not the aggressors; we are defending our civilians.”

An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire was announced early Saturday, a spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad confirming “Islamic Jihad will abide by the ceasefire if the occupation does the same.”

Despite the terror attacks from Gaza, the IDF confirmed that over 1,941 Palestinians were permitted to enter Israel through the Erez Crossing last week. 800 were given work permits and around 500 were in Israel for medical and humanitarian purposes.



Photo: Stav krikst/