The attack, which included several drones and missiles, did not result in any casualties; Over a dozen explosive drones and multiple ballistic missiles were used; Key oil-related sites were the designated targets.

The Iranian-sponsored Houthi Rebels claimed responsibility for the attack on Sunday that targeted multiple Saudi oil resources. The strike(s), which included 14 explosive drones and several ballistic missiles, resulted in no casualties. However, this attempt at targeting the world’s oil market further reveals the state of Iranian aggression.

While the Houthis claimed responsibility, what is perhaps most alarming is that Saudi military intelligence is reporting that the projectiles were not fired from Yemen (where the Houthis are based), but from the north. This indicates that the attack was carried out from either Iran or Iraq.

As noted by one Saudi spokesperson following the attack, “Such acts of sabotage do not only target the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but also the security and stability of energy supplies to the world, and therefore, the global economy.”

Some of the key locations that were targeted in the attack include an oil storage location and the world’s largest offshore oil facility, Ras Tanura, as well as some of Aramco’s structures. According to Reuters, other locations that the Houthis claimed to be targeting include Asir, Dammam, and Jazan. Some shrapnel from the intercepted projectiles reportedly fell in residential areas.

U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) voiced his growing concerns on Twitter regarding the Biden administration’s soft stance towards the Islamic Republic, stating, “Yet another missile strike against Saudi Arabia today with all the hallmarks of an Iranian-backed attack. It seems @POTUS Biden’s desire to give Tehran sanctions relief is emboldening the mullahs to escalate their aggression against us and our allies.”

Saudi oil interests certainly aren’t a new target of Iran, as the world’s number one oil exporter, Saudi Arabia, was targeted in 2019 in close proximity to where events occurred on Sunday. Furthermore, the Houthis claimed responsibility for an attack on Saudi oil resources in the city of Jeddah just last week.

Multiple countries in the region condemned the attack.