An airstrike that took place at the Al-Anad Airbase in Yemen on Sunday left a minimum of 30 people dead; Iranian-backed fighters are believed to be responsible for the attack; Missiles and a drone attack are reported to have been involved in the strike.

Iranian-backed Houthi Rebels are believed to have been behind the attack in Yemen on Sunday, which left at least 30 people dead in addition to many wounded. The attack, which is believed to have consisted of multiple missiles and a drone strike, took place at the Al-Anad Airbase located in the southwestern region of the war-torn country.

The attack is reported to be the deadliest to take place in Yemen this year. According to one military source, more than 50 people were injured.

Following the attack, as reported by The Times of Israel, Yemeni President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi sympathized with victims, who were mostly if not all supporters of the Yemeni government. He said, “Houthis will pay heavily for all the crimes they have committed against the people of Yemen.”

Yemen has been in a state of civil war since 2014, largely between the Yemeni government led by President Mansour Hadi and the Houthi Rebels. The Houthi Rebels are backed by Iran, the world’s number one sponsor of terror.